tm-teacher-joachimJoachim Claes was transcending before he was even born. His mother was one of the first TM teachers in Belgium, and has been teaching since 1973. He has been meditating for 35 years, from the age of 5.

Surprised to see that the scientific research around TM, and specifically concerning the TM field effects, was getting ever more impressive, but that  the TM organisation still had difficulties getting their technologies adopted by governments, even if they often offered it for free, he tried to find an explanation. He found it during his business studies, when he heard the theory from Thomas Kuhn about Paradigms and Paradigm shifts: “Science is not considered scientific unless it fits into the ruling paradigm”. In other words, people have their belief system and whatever data confirms their belief system they will accept. If, on the other hand there is scientific data that contradicts their belief system, they will rather ignore the data than change their belief system.

He realised that people needed to understand a complete new paradigm where transcending and especially the TM field effects would make sense, and only then would the scientific research be valued for what it is.

He spent 15 years researching ways to explain the Field Paradigm, as he called it, in simple words that everybody could understand for a book he was writing. The essence of this book is now available on this website.

During those 15 years he spent 3 years doing volunteers work in the international headquarters of the TM organisation, 2 years living a monks life, spending his whole day in long meditations, 3 years on projects around the world, reporting to Maharishi personally. He became a TM teacher in 2010.

He spends about half of his time living in Belgium with his wife Zoya, teaching TM, and the other half traveling around the world to help the TM organisation with their internet marketing strategies.