The Field Paradigm
A new technology to change the world
in a few weeks, at a ridiculously low cost

What you will read below may sound incredible…too good to be true…but the technology we’ll discuss has impressive research to back it up, with participation from hundreds of universities

What this research shows is that we are far more powerful than we believe to:

  • Heal ourselves,
  • Develop our full brain potential,
  • and even stop all wars, terrorism and corruption…in a matter of weeks

What if I told you that  we can stop the war in Syria and the terrorist threat from Islamic State in weeks, at a cost that is 1000 times lower than our current methods?

What if I told you that there are by now hundreds of scientific studies of the highest quality, done by the most prestigious research institutes and published in the most prestigious scientific journals, which show that we can heal most of the chronic stress related problems that can’t be cured now, while at the same time cutting our healthcare expenses in half?

What if I told you that we could learn to use our full creative potential instead of the limited fraction we’re using now, which would give a serious boost to our economy?

We could change the world in weeks, and save our governments so much money in the process that they’d even be able to significantly reduce your taxes. All it requires is 10-15 minutes of your time to understand how it works, and then share this message so that others understand it. All it takes is that enough people understand how it works, because then our governments would come under so much pressure to change things that they’d have no choice but to adopt these technologies.

Understanding how it works involves understanding who we really are, discovering that we are far more beautiful, and far more powerful, than we believe.

A study that will blow your mind.

In 1983 Lebanon was like Syria is now, a country ravaged by civil war, and probably the most stressed place on earth. So a bold experiment was done (funded by the then CEO of AT&T). A group of scientists predicted that through a “group Meditation” experiment in Jeruzalem, they were going to stop the war in Lebanon, as well as influence a wide range of other factors, like crime in Israel, and the Tel-Aviv stock market performance. All these factors were calculated into one “quality of life index”

The experiment didn’t go as planned however. was based on volunteers who came to do their meditation practice as part of the group, and rather than having one big group for a constant 8-week period, the numbers fluctuated widely.


When then the researchers plotted the quality of life index, they found that it followed the group size precisely.


During the days when the group was theoretically big enough to influence the war in Lebanon (there’s a specific formula, which we’ll discuss later) war deaths in Lebanon dropped by more than 90%.

This study was published in one of the most prestigious journals on peace studies in the world, the Journal of conflict resolution, published by Yale University.Ref.Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 32, no.4, Dec 1988, pp. 776-812.. The study was so controversial, however, that the editors of the journal took more than 2 years before they would link their reputation to it. They thoroughly investigated whether:

  1. Did the change in meditation group size really cause the change in quality of life? (statistics indicated that, yes, the change in group size usually came first, and the change in quality of life followed)
  2. Could it have been a coincidence (no, the chance of coincidence was less than one in 10.000)
  3. Could there be an alternative explanation for the change in quality of life, like days of the week, holidays, weather changes etc. (no, no alternative cause could have predicted these changes).

And this was just one study. Over the past 40 years 50 more such experiments have taken place, a lot of them far more spectacular than this one.

But then the real questions come. How is this possible? A group of people meditating influencing a war several hundreds of miles away, in another country. It seems to defy all logic.

So perhaps it is time to change our logic. These 50 studies are the most solid experiments of an ever growing body of research which shows that our current views on mankind are simply wrong.

Welcome to the biggest paradigm shift mankind has ever seen: the Field Paradigm.

Here’s how it works

couple-diningWhen we look around us we see many distinct objects, all separate from each other. There’s a chair, a table, and nothing in between. Likewise we see ourselves as separate from each other. I am here, you are there, there is nothing in between.

In ancient times, people had a different paradigm. They believed that all of life was part of one big whole and that their individual conscious minds were like waves on an ocean of a higher universal consciousness.

me-and-obamaThey believed this ocean had qualities of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, the qualities that are usually associated with a divine being, but which they saw not as an individual being but as a field of consciousness of which they were all a part.

As romantic as it may sound to be a part of some higher force, it can’t be possible, right? Our consciousness is clearly localized to our bodies, and our bodies are clearly separate from each other.

Well…Yes and no. It all depends on how we see it.

compWe see the relation of body and mind as a computer. The hardware (brain) creates the software (mind). This feels like a logical analogy. Turn the hardware off (sleep) and the software stops working, damage of the hardware (brain damage) will have a clear influence on the quality of the software, and if the computer is permanently broken, it’s “game over”. From that perspective we would have to be clearly separate from each other. We have separate computers, each running their separate software.

radio300In ancient times people saw the relationship between body and mind more like a radio. The music is clearly connected to the hardware of the radio. Turn the radio off and the music stops playing. Change the hardware of the radio and the quality of the music will be clearly affected, and if the hardware is permanently damaged the music stops.
In the case of the radio, however, the music is expressed through the hardware, but it’s not coming from the hardware. The music itself is a vibration on an omnipresent Electromagnetic field that connects everything with everything else (this is why we can broadcast a radio signal in one point and receive it at any other point around it, because through this field every point is connected to every other point).

We also know that this field can vibrate in many different ways at the same time, just like an ocean can rise in many different waves at the same time.


  • 97.1 FM: Classical
  • 101.7 FM: Rock
  • 103.5 FM: Pop
  • 106.4 FM: Dance

Each human body is then just like a radio tuned in to one specific frequency, so that each can have their own music, their own thoughts. But at the source of our thoughts we are connected to everyone and everything. Our minds are localised to our bodies, yet at the same time is part of something much larger than our bodies, something that connects all of us.

In ancient times this wasn’t just people’s belief system, it was their actual experience.

subounscious mind

They had a way to bring their minds in a state where they were completely conscious and alert, but at the same time completely silent. A wave that becomes completely silent becomes the ocean. They had a conscious experience of their unity with everything and everyone.

They called this experience transcending, because they transcended the boundaries of their individual mind and brought it to an unbounded state.

Transcending was like taking a dive into the ocean. They create a splash and enliven the surface of the water. The qualities of this field of consciousness that were latent in their awareness, qualities of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, suddenly became lively.

love-wavesThe quality of omnipresence, for example, they experienced as love. Love is just the experience of feeling connected to others. This is why isolated computers (or robots) don’t feel love while humans do, because they’re not isolated.

When people transcended they strengthened this connection until they felt completely connected to nature and to everybody else. To say that “God is omnipresent” meaning connecting everything to everything else, and “God is Love” is actually saying the same thing with different words.

waterTranscending also had another even more interesting side-effect, however. When people dive into the ocean, they don’t just create a splash where they dive in, but also waves that spread around the entire ocean. The quality of interconnectedness was enlivened not just with the person doing the transcending, but with everyone around him/her as well. Suddenly all the thoughts and actions of the people around them also spontaneously became more positive and loving. Yesterday people didn’t feel anything wrong with hurting their neighbour in order to get something for themselves, today it just doesn’t feel right anymore. They can’t explain why they changed their minds, they just did. The techniques to transcend were essentially techniques to “radiate positivity”, or “radiate love”, just like a lightbulb radiates light.

Over time people lost the ability to transcend, however. They started interpreting “meditation” as a form of controlling the mind, usually through some form of concentration, rather than the natural, effortless technique it was in ancient times. Effort can bring some relaxation, but it actually prevents the mind from transcending. Any effort will keep the wave active, and an active wave cannot merge with the ocean.

When people lost that ability to transcend, their worldview also started to change. They no longer had the ability to train their minds to develop their deeper layers, and started living more from only the most superficial layers of their minds, only the top part of the wave.

The mind suddenly was split in 2 parts, what today in psychology we call the conscious and subconscious mind.

con-sub-mindThe ocean was now hidden in our subconscious mind, which Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious”. People simply forgot about their connection to nature, and to each other.

This caused their paradigm to change. They still believed that there was some kind of higher omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent being that controlled everything in the Universe, but they started to see this higher being as a person, separate from us, rather than a field of which they were all a part. This wasn’t logical at all, as a personal being (like an old man with a long beard sitting on a cloud in heaven) would by definition have boundaries, and that means it couldn’t be omnipresent.

We will call this belief system the God Paradigm.

Of course the desire to understand the nature of the deeper reality did not disappear, so people started to turn to another system of understanding: science. Scientists started to explain phenomena in Nature more and more as material processes: little balls called atoms interacting with other little balls through force fields like gravity or electromagnetism. Suddenly there was no higher being necessary anymore, and people started to believe there might be nothing higher at all. The universe just functions as one big predictable mechanical machine.

We will call this the Machine Paradigm.

The more we were able to understand the laws of nature, and the more technologies that were developed as a result, technologies that obviously worked and brought more and more material comfort in our lives, the more we started to see the Machine Paradigm as the ultimate reality – until we even started to believe that even life itself was an expression of material processes, like in our computer analogy. The hardware creates the software.

But very soon somebody came to spoil the party: Albert Einstein.einstein

When Einstein got his Nobel Prize, it wasn’t for his famous E=Mc2 formula or his General Theory of Relativity, but for a paper he wrote which started the Quantum physics revolution.

Quantum physics revealed that our concept of the universe being built up out of little material balls was just an illusion. Even the most basic building blocks of nature, like electrons, were in reality vibrations on fields that only appeared as matter. The difference between matter and empty space is just that wherever there’s matter the field vibrates, whereas in empty space it doesn’t.


Einstein took it one step further, and predicted that ultimately physicists would find mathematical formulas that would describe how everything, all forces and all matter, would come from different vibrations of one single field.

Einstein predicted that just like the electromagnetic field can vibrate in different ways and create light, radio waves, microwaves etc. all at the same time, so this field can vibrate in different ways and create electrons, protons, gravity, electromagnetism etc. all at the same time.

wavesEinstein spent almost the entire second half of his life trying to formulate these mathematical equations. He didn’t succeed but did inspire many others, and eventually in 1983 the equations where found, what they call Unified Field (or superstring) theories.

The Unified Field

These theories show that this one field has qualities of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. If everything arises as different vibrations of one singular field, then this field must, by definition, be present everywhere, it must be aware of every single grain in creation, and coordinate the creation of everything with everything else, and it must be able to create anything.

In other words, if there really is a Unified Field as physicists now have confirmed (theoretically for now, but they expect the experimental verification to come soon), then this must be a field of consciousness, exactly as the ancient texts predicted.

So instead of the axiom of the Machine Paradigm that matter creates consciousness (something nobody was ever able to prove, but people just accepted as truth) the axiom of the Field Paradigm is that consciousness creates matter.

radio300In relation to this we’re going to assume, for now, that the Radio analogy rather than the computer analogy is the more correct way to describe our consciousness. There is one field of consciousness that rises in several waves. Each human being is then like a radio tuned in to a particular frequency, so that he can hear his own music (his thoughts). But at the source of thought we are all connected.


It might take some time to get used to this idea, but once we change our paradigm and start to see everything as a part of a larger whole, where everything is connected to everything else, we suddenly start to see that everything actually starts to make more sense: our latest scientific discoveries, what we observe in nature, the teachings of our religions, and our personal experiences, both ordinary and extraordinary. (Intuition, extrasensory perception, near death experiences, reincarnation etc.).

Everything interconnected: Read more on how everything makes more sense

Far more interesting, however, are the practical technologies that suddenly become possible.

Field Paradigm technologies

If we really are waves on an ocean, then if we could bring our minds in a state of complete silence, but where we are still completely conscious and alert we could theoretically experience the ocean itself.


But how do you make the mind completely silent? Have you ever tried this? It sounds almost impossible. The more you try to make it silent, the more you only keep it active, and an active wave cannot merge with the ocean. When the natural process of meditation got lost, and people started trying to meditate, (usually through some form of concentration on the breath, a sound, or your thoughts), the experience of transcending was largely lost to mankind.

Or better, almost lost. There was still a group of masters in the Himalayan mountains, completely secluded from the rest of mankind, who still had the knowledge.

Maharishi AirplaneIn 1958 an Indian scientist, who had spent 13 years as a student of one of the last masters of this tradition, arrived in the west with a simple message:

We can’t force the mind to be silent, nor do we have to. With the right technique it will happen naturally. Meditation, if practiced correctly, is the easiest thing you’ve ever done and anyone can do it.

The scientist’s name was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. To distinguish his technique from all the hundreds of other forms of mediation he called it Transcendental Meditation, or TM, as it quickly became known. 

As soon as he started teaching this technique people felt that this was something different, something authentic. They felt the effects from the first sitting, and they went far further than just relaxation.

The rest is history. Over the next few decades TM became the most practiced meditation technique in the world, with over 6 million practitioners.

collected_papers-7It also became the most researched technique. Over the past 45 years more than 200 universities have participated in 600 TM studies resulting in 350 publications in all of the top scientific journals around the world…6000 pages of scientific research.

This research showed that transcending had profound benefits that went way further than just some relaxation.

We described earlier how the ocean had specific qualities (pure silence, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence). When people learned to transcend, they essentially learned to enliven these qualities in their own lives, and found that it enriches almost all areas of life.

Let’s go over them one by one.

  1. Pure Silence – Stress reduction – being yourself

deep-restWhen the mind effortlessly reaches a state of pure silence (usually from the first sitting after people learn TM) the body comes into a state of deep relaxation. When researchers at Harvard Medical School tried to measure just how deep this relaxation was they found, to their surprise, that the rest appeared to go far deeper than even deep sleep. It also went into this state far more quickly, in mere seconds, whereas during sleep it usually takes several hours. More than 30 studies around the world have confirmed the deep state of relaxation during TM.Ref.American Psychologist 42: 879–881, 1987.

Rest, as we all know, is the best antidote to stress. The deep state of rest during transcending can heal even our deepest stresses (even traumatic stress) .

cnn no backgroundNo better example of how powerfull this is than the studies that have been done with war veterans or refugees suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a condition where stresses are so deeply rooted that it is normally considered incurable. Yet several studies by now found such significant improvements, in a matter of days or maximum a few weeksRef.Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212–215 that CNN recently did a feature on it (watch the CNN video) and the US army is now actively advising and using TM for their soldiers. It’s simply the only treatment that has ever been proven to work.

The powerful effects on stress has given TM the reputation of being the most effective stress-management technique in the world. In most cases transcending turned out to be a far more effective treatment than almost anything else ever researched, whether it is to decrease anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictions, ADHD, blood pressure, or diabetes. It works pretty much the same everywhere. Accumulated Stress disturbs the natural functioning of our nervous system, which is the root-cause of 90% of our health problems. Remove the cause and the symptoms disappear. Teaching people to remove their own stress is essentially teaching them to heal themselves.

hospital-admissions1The money saving potential of this is just mind blowing. Several large-scale long-term studies have found that hospitalisations and healthcare expenses go down by more than 50% when people learn to activate their own inner healing power. (30% or more of our tax money is spent on healthcare).Ref.Psychosomatic Medicine 49: 493–507, 1987 Ref.American Journal of Health Promotion 14: 284–291, 2000

But with this most people have actually largely missed the point. Transcending is indeed the best thing you can do to reduce your stress…but that’s only 10% of the whole story.

If people understood what transcending really was, probably by now 6 billion would have learned instead of 6 million.

Being yourself

If there is one formula for success in life (both material and spiritual) that all ancient cultures agree on it is “Be yourself”

Ancient wisdom even says that simply being yourself is the way to a higher divine reality. This never made sense until now, when we understand that transcending is both the experience of merging with the ocean (the divine consciousness at the source of everything, and an experience of completely being yourself).


Being yourself is just another way to look at the experience of pure inner silence


Normally our attention is directed outwards, away from “I am”, towards the things we observe, do, or think. We loose ourselves in the world around us.
When the mind comes to a state of true silence, where we don’t observe, do or think anything, the mind comes home. True silence is simply being ourselves.

The reason why the mind will spontaneously transcend is because transcending is a state of coming home for the mind. Just being in that silence is the most enjoyable state there is for the mind and it will go there by itself. This is why we don’t have to force the mind. Quite the opposite, any effort we do will only keep the mind active.

At the same time we’ve seen that when the wave becomes silent, it merges with the ocean. So it’s very simple: Truly being yourself is at the same the experience of discovering the higher divine consciousness.

Whether you’re interested in all this higher divine consciousness stuff or not (you don’t have to believe any of it), there is no doubt that learning to be yourself, together with learning to heal yourself, is  one of the most important things you can ever learn in your life.

Abraham Maslow was famous for studying the most successful people in society, and came to the conclusion that what they all had in common was that they were just themselves. So he created psychological self-actualisation tests to be able to determine to what degree people could be themselves all the time. This includes self-confidence, self-acceptance, being in the now, viewing challenges as positive opportunities for growth, keeping an inner balance at all times, the capabilities for warm interpersonal relationships etc. Most truly people who are truly successful (both in their jobs and in their personal lives) just have a high score on all of those.

Maslow found that normally only 1% of the population was fully self-actualized and that self-actualisation doesn’t improve after early adolescence. He did found one exception. Sometimes people had what he called “Peak experiences” which appeared to have a strong effect on growth of self-actualization. Descriptions of such peak experiences closely match descriptions of transcending.

It will come as no surprise, then, that TM has a strong positive effect on self-actualisation. A meta-analysis of 18 TM self-actualization studies, with more than 500 participants in total, found that the effect of transcending through TM was 3 to 4 times stronger than the effect of any other meditation technique that was ever researched.

The most spectacular study was a long-term study of students of Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a university founded by Maharishi in 1972, which is currently based in Iowa, USA. (“Management” in this case stands for successful management of all aspects of life). They were measured at the beginning of their university career and again after 10 years. At the end of the study there was a significant increase in self actualisation scores with all the students, and 38% of the students had reached the highest scores on self-actualisation tests (compared to normally 1% of the population). The study also looked at students from 3 top universities as a control group, but found no improvement in self actualization at all (even a slight decrease in 2 out of 3). The chance that the difference between MUM and the 3 control universities could have been a coincidence was one in 500,000. MUM-self-actualisation

Omnipresence – Brain development – love

Omnipresence is that quality that unites everything. Everything is connected through everything else through a field that is everywhere. When people get a direct experience of this field, spectacular things happen, especially in the brain.

There are some very simple, but very impressive ways to measure what is going on in the brain, by measuring EEG coherence. Each time a part of the brain is active there is an electrical activity, which can be visualized in the form of EEG brainwaves.


Next a computer (or these days even a smartphone) can mathematically analyze these waves and calculate to what degree they are similar, or coherent.

When we are in activity, this coherence is generally low (usually around 20%). Every experience will activate a different part of the brain, so during activity different parts are usually involved with different activities (seeing, hearing, moving your muscles etc.), and there is little coordination between them.

When we transcend we have a direct experience of the omnipresent ocean, that reality where everything is connected to each other. As a direct result all the parts of the brain will become coherent, and the brain will start functioning as one coherent whole. (Ref: Cognitive processing, 11(1): 21-30, 2010)


The amazing thing is that this can be measured in real time while somebody is practicing TM. You can see on this video how within seconds after starting TM EEG coherence maximises to 95-100%

This experience is unique to TM practice, it doesn’t show (at least not nearly to the same degree) with other meditation practices.

Why is EEG coherence important? More than 30 years of brain research has shown that EEG coherence is linked to Emotional stability, IQ, creativity, learning ability, reflex speed etc. Basically EEG coherence is linked to everything that is good about the human brain. The more your brain can function coherently, the more success you’ll have in life.










More than 50 published studies have by now confirmed the effects of TM on brain coherence, but by far the most impressive results come from a small school in Iowa, also founded by the TM organisation. The Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment is a school just like any other school, with the exception that all the children practice TM twice a day as part of their school curriculum.

But that brings us to the other quality of the ocean: Omniscience

Omniscience – Intuition – Having the right thought at the right time

In sports we know that if people really want to become world champions, they should start practicing from an early age. In this case children start developing their full brain potential from an early age (usually from the age of 5) and the results are just spectacular.

world-champion-1When children arrive at this school, they have an average IQ and creativity, by the time they graduate at age 18, they score in the top 1% of America…and they do become world champions when it comes to brain-sports. More than 100.000 of the most creative children in the world participate in creative problem solving competitions every year, like Destination imagination, and yet the children of the Maharishi School have won 4 world championship titles already.

Quite naturally people who have heard about this (not nearly enough) are impressed. Oprah Winfrey was so impressed that she did a documentary on the school, and eventually learned TM herself (she was so happy with her practice that she eventually paid for all of her 400 employees to learn) and in 2005 the New York Times listed the idea of “TM in schools” on top of their annual list of best ideas of the year.

Creative problem solving competitions is purely about having the right thought at the right time. They present you with a problem and you have 8 minutes to find a creative solution to it. EEG coherence is related to creative problem solving, but there’s something more going on.

What is intuition? Sometimes people know things they can’t explain, but they just know. Intuition doesn’t make sense from a Machine Paradigm point of view, but it makes a lot more sense within the Field Paradigm. We have seen that the “ocean” is a field that has the quality of omniscience, a level of reality where everything is connected and everything is known. This reality is (for most people) hidden in their subconscious minds, so they don’t have access to it. Just once in awhile they get a glimpse of it, in terms of a subtle feeling that “this is right” or “this is not right”.

But what if we could have a more direct access to this parts of our mental potential. Imagine that for every thought you would have, there would be a supercomputer who first calculates every possible outcome for every possible thought, and then sends you the best possible thought you could possibly have, so you always have the perfect right thought for the perfect right time. Wouldn’t that be something?

That is what people who learn TM start experiencing pretty quickly (even if usually they can’t explain why) that their days just become more efficient the children from the Maharishi School are displaying, and why they are beating every other school in their state, their country or even the whole the world (not just in terms of creativity, they have won dozens of other c

This is why a lot of the most successful people in the world are practicing – and publicly supporting – the TM technique, whether Politicians (President of Brazil Dilma Roussef), Media moguls (Rupert Murdoch), Wall Street Traders (Ray Dalio, owner of a $160 Billion hedgefund), talk show hosts (both Ellen Degeneres and Oprah), Pop stars (Katy Perry, Paul McCartney, Sting…it’s a long list), Hollywood directors (David Lynch, Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorcese) or actors (Cameron Diaz, Jeniffer Aniston, Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Gwynneth Paltrow…it’s an even longer list).

Since then 450 schools in 60 countries started TM as part of their curriculum and thousands of more projects are now starting, with government support. (As a non-profit organisation, the TM organisation usually does school projects for free, as long as the schools can get some of their staff to become TM teachers).


While all these results are very encouraging, one might still wonder: “If this really works so well, and it already has been around for 40 years, then why isn’t everyone doing it?” Why aren’t our governments making this available for everyone, by having the cost of a TM course reimbursed, for example, just like they make all other forms of healthcare available.

For sure it’s not down to the scientific proof. There is far more scientific proof that transcending works than there is for any other treatment, and that’s its both a lot cheaper and a lot more effective. The reason why it hasn’t been supported yet (other than the medical industry probably being not so excited about people learning to heal themselves) is that because it all just sounds too good to be true. From a Machine Paradigm point of view just some relaxation shouldn’t bring such a wide range of benefits. And they’re right. Relaxation doesn’t bring such benefits, only transcending does, but to truly understand what transcending is, we have to change our entire paradigm.

And if people had difficulties believing that transcending could have such profound effects on the individual level, they’ll have a much harder time with what is by far the most spectacular effect of transcending: The field effect.


The Field Effect of transcending

waterAs we mentioned before, when we dive into the ocean we don’t just make a splash and enliven the qualities of this field in our own awareness (love, happiness, creativity, positivity etc.), but we also create waves that spread all around us. When we transcend we also enliven these qualities of unity around us, and cause others to remember their true nature as well.

lightbulbIt works just like a light bulb. How can a small light bulb light up an entire big room? Because the light bulb is connected to the whole room through an invisible field called the electromagnetic field. It will stir this field and its vibrations, light waves, will spread in all directions and light up the whole room. What happens if we turn off the light? The field of light didn’t disappear, it’s still there, but it’s no longer enlivened.

When humans forgot to transcend, it’s like they forgot how to turn on the light. The resulting darkness we experience as negative thoughts, which will lead to negative actions: crime, corruption, conflicts, even wars. Negativity is just the absence of positivity, just like darkness is only the absence of light.

Just like it only takes a few streetlights here and there to light up a whole city, it’s not necessary for everyone to transcend to remove the darkness in everybody’s minds.

The 1% effect
In the 1960’s Maharishi predicted that if one person transcended, he’d be able to positively influence 100 people around him. In other words, if only 1% of the population learns to transcend this will be sufficient to create a measurable effect for the entire city. Maharishi’s famous motto became:

Don’t fight the darkness, just turn on the light” 

In the early 70’s so many people learned TM (half a million in the US alone in 1974) that several hundred cities actually had one percent of their population practicing TM. So the scientists started researching if there was indeed a measurable effect. They found a consistent 20% decrease in crime rate compared to both the cities own previous trends and compared to the cities that didn’t have 1% of their population transcending. They ruled out all other possible explanations for the change and the chances that this could have been a coincidence were smaller than one in thousand.Ref.Journal of Crime and Justice vol. 4, 1981, pp 25-45

So instead of having to teach everyone to transcend, it turned out that 1% of the population was actually sufficient to start making a difference.

This was a lot easier already.

But while people inside the TM organisation were excited, the outside world was far more sceptical. According to a Machine Paradigm point of view, such effects were utterly impossible. If this was true, it was the first definitive scientific proof that we were in fact connected, and that their entire Machine Paradigm belief system was simply wrong.

People don’t like to be told they’re wrong, and they usually are not very grateful to those who start to shake up their entire belief system. Suddenly people became suspicious. Rumours started of the TM organisation being a cult. This was at a time when the whole world was shaken by stories from real cults with brainwashing, financial extortion, mass suicides etc. Suddenly everything that was strange was a cult and the TM organisation was seen as strange…conclusion made.

In the early 70ies when people were talking about meditation, they were talking about Transcendental Meditation, as that was the only thing there was. But after these first studies came out, and Maharishi started talking about world peace, the long lines of people that wanted to learn TM became shorter and shorter, and many other meditation techniques surfaced. They promised the same benefits as TM, but without all the crazy “world peace” stuff.

The media hasn’t really helped. Whenever a new study came out that showed a real benefit, you can be assured that in 90% of the cases it was a study on TM, but media, wanting to remain neutral, just called it “meditation lowers blood pressure” or “Meditation improves school performance”, while in reality the results on “meditation” were often disappointing or non-existent. Transcending creates the effects, meditation without transcending appears to do very little. (for example the American Heart Association recently advised to doctors they could prescribe TM to lower blood pressure, but shouldn’t prescribe any other meditation techniques, including mindfulness or Yoga, as there simply wasn’t any consistent proof that it worked).

As a result people inside the TM organisation started asking Maharishi if it wouldn’t be better to just focus on the personal benefits of TM, and not talk about the social effects, but he wouldn’t even consider this for a minute. This was a technology that could change the world, and they were going to talk about it. If people weren’t ready to understand now, then some day in the future they would be.

Rather than toning down his claims, Maharishi was just getting warmed up. He had a far more powerful technology still.

In 1976 Maharishi started teaching an advanced TM technique called the TM sidhi program and Yogic Flying. These techniques had far more profound effects than just TM practice for the people themselves, but also far more powerful field effects. It was found that if people practice these advanced techniques together in one group, the effect became much stronger still, even growing with the square of the number of participants.

To illustrate how this works imagine 3 people, who are jumping in a lake one after another. They will each create a wave that will have a certain height and power. This will determine how far the wave will travel before it dies out, and as such it will define the circle of influence, the area on the lake it will enliven.

lakesNow imagine that instead of these 3 people jumping in the lake separately, they hold hands and jump in the lake together. The wave they create will become 3 times more powerful, and will travel 3 times further. This means that the area of the circle of influence will increase with the square of the radius, or 9 times.

With transcending it worked according to the same principles. 3 advanced meditators who create the influence together in one group could create the same effect as 9 individual TM practitioners from their own homes, an effect for 900 people.

From here the curve grows very quickly:

  • 20 advanced TM meditators together in one place will have the same effect as 400 individual TM meditators, for 40.000 people
  • 200 advanced TM meditators will have the same effect as 40.000 TM meditators, for 4.000.000 people
  • 2.000 advanced TM meditators will have the same effect as 4.000.000 TM meditators, for 400.000.000 people
  • 9.000 advanced TM meditators together in one place will have the same effect as 81.000.000 individual TM meditators, for 8,1 billion people.

This new technology may have sounded completely crazy (from a Machine Paradigm point of view, at least) but made it possible to create some very impressive experiments. Because the number of people needed to create an effect was relatively low Scientists could now predict in advance that they were going to create an effect like a decrease in crime rate in some city or region, – they usually select a region where trends show a worsening of the situation, so nobody else in their right mind would predict this – and then bring enough advanced meditators together in one group to create the effect as predicted.

Let’s see some examples
One such experiment took place in the summer of 1994 in Washington DC, where they predicted in advance that they would decrease violent crime by 20%. They sent this prediction to all the major newsmedia and over 1400 scientists and politicians in the region. Responding to this prediction the Washington chief of police went on television to say that the only thing that would decrease crime by 20% would be 20 inches of snow (not very likely in the summer). They were spending one billion dollar per year on fighting crime and only saw crime rise by 10% per year.

As the experiment started the group of advanced TM meditators started growing gradually, and as the group grew bigger, crime started going down more and more. By the end of the experiment, when the group was at its biggest size, violent crimes were down by 23%.

The chance that this close relationship between increase in number of advanced TM meditators and decrease in crime could have been due to a coincidence was less than one in 500 million. The standard in science to claim a significant result is one in 20. This experiment was 25 million times better than the standard. The study got published in one of the most prestigious journals on social sciences in the world (social Indicators Research) and the Washington Police became a co-author of the study. Ref.Social Indicators Research (1999, vol. 47, no. 2)

But this was just crime. Could this technology actually stop wars?

We’ve already seen one experiment how this technology could stop the war in Lebanon. 6 more experiments like the one in Jerusalem were organised over a period of 3 years. Each time they predicted in advance that they would stop, or at least significantly reduce, the Lebanon war. 3 experiments were in the local region with a few hundred advanced TM meditators, enough to create an influence for the whole region, while 4 experiments were in the US or Europe, but with groups of 5000 to 7000 advanced TM meditators, enough to create an effect for most of the world.

Later analysis showed that during these 7 experiments there was an average:

  • 66% mean increase in the level of cooperation among conflicting parties
  • 48% reduction in level of conflict
  • 68% reduction in war injuries
  • 71% reduction in war fatalities

The chance that such a strong decrease could happen 7 times in a row was one in ten million trillion. Ref.Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 17(1): 285–338, 2005

To put this in perspective: The chance that you’ll win the national lottery this week is anywhere from one in 4 million for a small country to one in 300 million for the national US Powerball lottery. So the chance that you’ll win the lottery this week is 30 billion to 2 trillion times bigger than the chance that this could have been a coincidence, rather than a true effective technology to create peace. I’d go and buy a few lottery tickets if I were you, because your chances look astronomically high this week.

Could this technology also prevent terrorism?
It seems like yes. During the 4 experiments when the group was big enough to influence most of the world (3 in the US, one in Holland) terrorist somehow felt much less of a desire to kill fellow human beings. Casualties and injuries due to terrorist acts decreased by 72%.

Military force practicing TM in Ecuador

These experiments where generally of a short duration, only lasting a few weeks, while the effect actually becomes stronger over time, as the positive effect accumulates. What would happen if a group of such advanced TM meditators could be established permanently, as a group of professional peace makers?

Would it be possible to create permanent peace, then?
This was extensively tested in Mozambique. In 1994 the president of Mozambique, Dr. Alberto Joaquin Chissano studied the scientific research, was impressed and decided to give it a try.

He learned TM himself and then simply ordered his entire army to learn Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, and practice it daily in one big group. From that moment the civil war that had been raging for 17 years came to an abrupt end, and never started again. Over the next few years Mozambique, once the world’s poorest country, had the fastest growing economy in the world.

A few years later, in 1999, the New York Times wrote:

Seven years after the guns fell silent, Jackhammers are ringing, new hotels are rising, new schools are opening, and newly paved roads are rolling across the land.

The war-torn, once ravaged countryside is now lush with corn, cashews and mangoes. Inflation has dropped to 2%, from 70% in 1994. The economy has grown an average 10% a year since 1996. After years of relying on donated food, Mozambique now grows nearly enough to feed itself.

Once a symbol of Africa’s calamitous wars, Mozambique is now a success story.

Like these, more than 50 experiments have been organised. Each and every time the effects were predicted in advance, and each and every time they were so successful that often records were broken – record decreases in warfare, crime, car accidents, stockmarket performance etc. – These studies have led to 20 publications in international scientific journals.

If one study would show this effect, there is probably an alternative cause that could be found, but if more than 50 studies have confirmed the same effect, anywhere in the world, it becomes very hard to find an alternative explanation for the effect.

These TM field effect studies are not only the first solid scientific proof that the Field Paradigm is real, but also form the first practical technology to really create a profound change like our world has never seen before.

Save costs, reduce taxes
Is this technology cost-effective? Yes, obviously, because there are actually very little costs involved. Generally if the advanced TM meditators practice their techniques together for one hour twice per day, this is enough to create the effect. So this group could be a group of students in a school, a group of prisoners or a group of people working together in the same company. They follow their normal daily routine, but just do their meditation on top, usually outside normal work or school hours.

At the same time this technology can create significant savings. for example, a permanent group of 120 advanced TM meditators near the city of Merseyside in the UK, decreased the crime rate by 60% compared to national trends over a period of 4 years, preventing 225.000 crimes and saving the Merseyside government $2 billion in crime related expenses. It was counted that for every hour the advanced TM meditators were doing their thing, the Government saved $6000. Even if the meditators would be paid $30 per hour (they weren’t), it would still be 200 times cheaper than conventional methods of dealing with crime, while being far more effective at the same time.

And this was still a relatively small group. With the quadratic growth effect, a group that is 10 times as big would create the effect for 100 times more people, meaning that the cost per person influenced would go down 10 times.

All the 50 studies combined have shown that if we can change the way people think in a more positive direction, everything starts to change. Corruption disappears, Healthcare costs go down, the economy improves, people use more of their full potential so there is less unemployment etc. All this means more income and fewer expenses for the government. The research leaves no doubts that governments would save so much money from these technologies that it should be relatively easy to reduce their taxes, at least the share of our taxes that now go to arms companies, the pharmaceutical industry, in the pockets of corrupt politicians etc.

So world peace, and lower taxes. Anybody who is not up for this?

Will you keep this a secret?

Hopefully by now you start to understand that there really is only one reason why we still have wars, crime, corruption, and ridiculously high taxes: because people are not aware that a better way exists.

Now you know and understand how these technologies work: will you keep them a secret, or will you share them with others so that together with them you can demand your government to learn about them and implement them?

Here’s a few things you could do:

1.Share this website. Flood the internet, don’t stop until everyone knows and understands these technologies.

2.Be the light yourself. Learn to transcend as soon as possible, and don’t stop there. Take the TM-Sidhi course to become an advanced TM meditator. The training is a significant investment but I can promise you it will likely be the best investment you’ll ever do. (a Pan-European survey found that 97% of people who answered the question how they would rank TM as an investment thought it was a good investment, and 35% thought it was the best investment they’ve ever done) Find your local TM center.

3. Bring this to your local school, company, prison. Just get in touch with the director or CEO and tell them of the profound benefits this could bring for the people who are doing it, while the social effects just are a free side-benefit. This technology is so powerful that if one school, prison or company implements this project, it’s usually enough to bring harmony to an entire country.

4.If you’re a student, start developing your brain, instead of destroying it.
In the past you needed knowledge to be successful in life. Now Knowledge is just a mouse-click away. The first requirement for success is now your personal skills, like creativity problem solving, people skills, fast learning ability etc.

These skills are mainly dependent on how well your brain functions. The current education system can teach you knowledge, but can’t teach you how to develop your brain.

In fact, campus life on most universities is mostly detrimental for your brain (sleep deprivation, alcohol, and drugs all severely damage your brain). Why not go to the only university in the world that actually develops your brain instead. The Maharishi University of Management, in Fairfield, Iowa, USA has one of the largest groups of advanced TM meditators in the world. More than 1000 of them do their group meditation there every single day.
The larger the group, the more powerful the effects for society, but also for the participants themselves. Basically…there is nothing better you can do for your brain.

mumThe education you get at this university is on par with just about any other university in terms of knowledge, but you’ll get something on top that no other university in the world can offer, which ironically is the only thing that matters in a professional career today: Learning to develop your own full  potential. This is not just limited to brain development, but a complete spiritual development which influences all aspects of life for the good. Meanwhile you’ll be making the biggest contribution to create a better world you could possibly make.

5.Fund a group of professional Yogic Flyers.
So many people are giving donations to charities, but so often with very little results. Here’s a charity that can actually create a real difference. Maharishi’s goal was always to create a permanent group of professional peace makers that was big enough to create an influence for the whole world. According to the square root of 1% formula this group would need about 9.000 advanced TM

Towards the end of the 80’s, thanks to one donor, the TM organisation was actually able to maintain such a group in India for 4 years, from 1987 to 1991. This was the time when the Berlin wall fell, and the Cold war came to an end. The Soviet union army, the largest in the world with 12 million soldiers, spontaneously dissolved without firing a single shot. It could be a coincidence… But it’s not. (you’ll read more about it in the full book) Actually the title of this page shouldn’t be ‘50 experiments that can change the world’, but ‘50 experiments that have already changed the world’.

Currently 2 renewed efforts are taking place to again create such groups:

One group in India large enough for the whole world, as labor costs are far lower there than in the west. The total cost for a professional peacemaker there is only $250/month (salary plus living expenses). So far a group of 3.000 professional Yogic Flyers has already been created, largely sponsored by the TM movement and several hundred private donors. The goal is to expand this group to 16.000. Basically this means that with this technology, one government, or even one single billionaire, can create permanent peace for the whole world. Just from the interest from about $1 billion, they’d be able to fund the running costs of the group, permanently.

One group in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, large enough to influence the whole US. As this group already has 1000 advanced TM meditators from their university and community, they only need 600-700 more to create a significant effect for the entire US. For over 8 years, one private donor has been giving $1M per month to pay professional Yogic Flyers, and the group actually was big enough. During this period crime in the entire US went down by more than 40%, up to 80% in big cities like New York. But now his funding dried up so they are in urgent need to find other sources of funding, either from the government (which tends to take a long time) or from private individuals. A professional Yogic Flyer costs about $1000 per month.

New Technologies always have the potential to change things.This new technology requires some time to understand it, but once you do, and understand the promise that it brings for the world, I hope you can’t help but feel very, very hopeful for the future. How long it will take for this better future to come, now depends on you. The technologies have been around for 40 years already. Do you want to wait another 40 years, or would you like to see them implemented in 40 days. It’s certainly possible. All the scientific proof is there. The only thing that needs to happen is that people know about it and understand how it works, ask their friends to understand how it works, and together demand their governments to understand how it works. Either that or one single billionaire has to step forward and create world peace on his own.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you’ll find ways to make it happen.

Jai Guru Dev,