Dear All,

So many of you have sent me your appreciation after reading my Field Paradigm book, telling me it helped you feel a renewed hope for the future of mankind. It’s been such a joy to be getting emails from all around the world almost on a daily basis.

Today, on my birthday, I want to present to you what must be the most practical and realistic plan yet to turn this hope into a reality, and also ask for your help to support this.

While so many of you expressed hope, many also felt powerless to do something that makes a real difference, because let’s face it, most of us are not either billionaires or government leaders. With what I’m presenting today, even the smallest contributions to our gofundme campaign will make a huge difference.

It would also be the most wonderful birthday gift you could ever give me.

There are 3 parts to this project, explained in detail below.

  1. A practical way to approach the wealthy to support this project, that will actually get their attention, and will truly inspire them.
  2. A new creative proposal that will allow us fund agroup of 2000 Yogic Flyers on a permanent basis with only a $10 M advance, which donors will get back with a 150% ROI
  3. Two new Billion-dollar-potential technologies to reduce the cost of solar energy by 75-80%, and reduce the cost of building houses by 20%, while their energy cost is 50% lower and the houses have a far higher quality. The majority of the profits of both projects will be used to directly fund the creation of peace creating groups of Yogic Flyers.

Why these 3 projects will make a real difference will take a bit of explanation, and I hope you can find a few minutes to read through everything.

Many thanks,

Jai Guru Dev,



P.S. If you know anybody else who shares our dreams of creating world peace through Maharishi’s technologies, please feel free to forward the link to this page.


  1. A practical approach to inspire the wealthy to fund groups of Yogic Flyers

It’s obvious that people who read my book become truly inspired to support creating groups of Yogic Flyers to create peace and harmony in the world, so it was always just a matter of getting the book in the hands of those who can help.

The reason why I wrote my book was because I realized that I really only needed to inspire one person, one person who has not only the desire to change the world, but also the means to do so.

There are 2,750 billionaires in the world today, and as you probably know, over 200 of them have already signed the Giving Pledge, where they pledge to donate at least half of their wealth to projects to make this world a better place.

So all we have to do is convince one of them, or anyone of the 51 million other millionaires, (because with what we’re proposing below, we don’t need to limit ourselves to billionaires anymore), that this will be the most cost effective approach to do so.

About one year ago, I was contacted by Chris Attwood, a sidha and  New York Times bestselling author, who now coaches and guides new authors on the road to getting a publishing deal. He felt my book was the best book on the Maharishi Effect he had ever read. In the past Maharishi had made him responsible for contacting Billionaires to support groups of Yogic flyers, and has contacts with several of them. After reading my book that desire got enlivened again, because now, he felt, we had a way to actually inspire them.

So now it was only a matter of finding the best strategy of getting them to read it. So we spent the past year working on this, with Bobby Roth (who knows several of todays billionaires personally) giving his invaluable input as well.

We all agreed just sending my book to the ultra-wealthy will not do much. The chance that they will read it, or that it even gets to their attention, is very small.

Realistically speaking, any mail that is sent to an ultra-wealthy individual is never opened by that individual themselves, but by their assistant. They are the ones who decide what is worthy of their attention.

They get so much mail that if we’d simply send them a book, it would have a much higher chance of ending up in the paper recycling bin than in the hands of their boss.

So we created a different approach, something that will get a lot more attention.

  1. We created a 5-minute video that summarizes the book. (which you can watch on We changed the title of the book for this project to One Missing Piece, and book cover designer George Foster made a beautiful new logo)
  2. We made a beautiful looking presentation box with glass windows on all sides, so people can see what’s inside even before they open it.

The box contains a hardcover copy of the book, a 20-page card deck and a special custom designed video card. (a hardcover card that has a video screen inside, where the video automatically starts playing once the card is opened).

After spending almost a year to develop it, we’re very, very proud of this video card and the video we made. (Yes, for those who haven’t seen me in a while in our new coronavirus socially distanced reality, I lost some weight.. ;o).

  1. Along with the box, we send a cover letter, offering the potential of a new practical technology to create a complete global transformation at a ridiculously low cost, while only asking the recipient for 5 minutes of their timeto watch the video. (we may still try to edit the video down to 3 minutes or less)
  2. The video will then inspire at least some of the recipients to get a bit more information, which they can get from the 20-page card deck, which summarizes the core principles of the Maharishi Effect, along with some of the most impressive research. You can have a look at the card deck here. Bobby Roth said this about the card deck (he allowed us to quote him) “the card deck is the simplest, best presentation of the Maharishi Effect I’ve ever seen”
  3. We then count on the fact that at least some of the people who read through this card deck will take the time to also read through at least the first chapter of the book, which summarizes everything, and possibly the entire book, which will then inspire some of them to agree to a meeting to discuss the practical aspects of implementation. We rewrote the first chapter a bit, and now also are almost done having it the entire book typeset, so it looks a lot more professional now. You can have a look at a work in progress copy here.
  4. We’re also hoping that those who are inspired will help us distribute further presentation boxes to their own connections in the ultra-wealthy world. Once theysend a box to someone, the chance that they’ll open it will be 10 times higher.

We already raised over $10,000 to fund the development and produce the first 100 boxes, they’re in production right now and will be ready in a few weeks. But we want to send out many more, preferably to all 2,750 billionaires.

The total cost to produce our presentation box, the videocard, card deck and hardcover book is only $60. $60 to have a realistic shot at inspiring someone to donate many millions to support this project. If you feel that this is worthwhile then please support this through this gofundme link

Of course, if you happen to personally know an ultra-wealthy individual, and like to personally send a box to him/her, please do let us know.

  1. A new proposal to fund a permanent group of 2000 Yogic Flyers with only a $10M advance that donors will get back with a 150% ROI.

This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been involved it. If we can propose this to any ultra-wealthy individual once we eventually inspire them, it should become a no-brainer. But it requires a bit more explanation, and is actually completely tied to the new technologies described in No.3, so I have to explain this one first.

  1. Two new billion dollar potential technologies to reduce the cost of solar energy by 50-75% and reduce the cost of housing by 20% (while building houses that have a 50% lower energy cost, are fully fireproof, last forever and have a far higher quality of life)…and the majority of the profits will be used to sponsor groups of Yogic Flyers.

 As most of you know, I spent most of the last 5 years on developing a new technology to build far better houses at a far lower cost, as my secret weapon to rebuild the world with Vastu. (even if people don’t care about the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, everybody wants a better house at a lower cost)

Along the way we also found a creative way to completely change how solar energy is installed on residential rooftops, allowing us to reduce the cost of solar energy by between 50 and 75% as well. Like with our building technology, it’s a simple idea that developed into a total game-changer. If people can get solar energy with a payback as low as 1 to 3 years, while it actually looks a lot more beautiful on their roof, there’s nobody in the world who wouldn’t want it.

We’ve invested close to $500,000 in these 2 projects and it really took us 5 years to figure it all out, (much longer than we originally anticipated) but we did figure it out and made it all work. We’ve got prototype walls and a prototype solar roof up in our 600 sq m/6000 sq ft warehouse already and are now in the process of finishing our first full house and full solar roof. We already have the production capacity to build 100 houses per year right now, though we could expand that rapidly if needed. We also already have a long waiting list of clients. In fact, we did some Facebook marketing tests, and they show that we’d be able to sell as many houses and solar energy installations as we’d be able to produce, and all at a ridiculously low marketing cost (the offer is so logical and so appealing we don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing, people usually sign up from the first time they see the video).

You can watch 2 presentation videos on the solar energy technology (2 min video) and the construction technology (7 min video) on

The really cool thing is that all investors so far have signed an agreement that both allows them to get a very good return of investment themselves (we’re talking potentially 100-fold return or more if either one of the projects really takes off), while at the same time generating significant support for the TM organization’s projects, starting with creating groups of Yogic Flyers.

And as a reward for taking the time to read so far, I wanted to offer something else. We’re now doing a last $50,000 fundraising round to get through the final stages of prototype production, before we bring these technologies to the market (when the shares of the company will be worth far more than the valuation we have now). Traditionally, we’ve only ever allowed investments of minimum $5000, but for all the Field Paradigm/Maharishi Effect fans out there, (who clearly share our goals) we’ll now allow for a minimum $1000 investment.

Due to legal restrictions, I cannot make any public offering for this, and can only allow investors I know personally, but that is the case with most of you.

If you’d like to know more, you can download our detailed business plan that describes the two technologies and the market potential for both in detail.

Even if we have already proven that we can not only produce houses and solar energy systems at a ridiculously low cost, and that it won’t be hard to find clients for them, we’re still doing this last investment round at the same valuation as we have been doing for the past 2 years, which means there is still a lot of potential for spectacular returns. In fact, this plan describes how, if we do realize our potential, a $1,000 investment right now could turn into more than $100,000 return for yourself personally plus almost $1 million in support that is generated for groups of Yogic Flyers and other projects from the TM organization to create a better world.

Obviously, we still have a long way to go. Having a technology that has potential, and even lots of potential clients for it, still does not guarantee that we’ll also realize it, or that we’ll get these kind of returns. You’ll have to use your own judgment for this, and know that, like with any business, this is a risk investment. Most of the people who have invested so far simply did so because they know me, and know that if I put my attention on something, I’ll eventually pull it off, I’m certainly planning to do so with this project.

If you’d like to read through our investment agreement, please let me know at and I can send you.

Now back to No 2. ;o)

  1. A new proposal to fund a permanent group of 2000 Yogic Flyers with only a $10M advance that donors will get back with a 150% ROI.

This is one particular project that is proposed for Fairfield, USA, but it could be applicable for other locations in the world as well.

At one point, we joined a kind of think tank of people that included the biggest donor of groups of Yogic Flyers so far. We were thinking on how to get a new group of 2,000 Yogic Flyers in Fairfield, but this time in a way that we could guarantee the group on a permanent basis. As you may have read in my book, there was such a group from 2007 till about 2015, but the typical scenario of first turning on the light, and then turning it off again, only to have the darkness feel a lot darker than before, quite obviously played out in the US. That’s why Maharishi didn’t want any more groups unless there was a way to ensure they could remain permanently.

The original plan was to collect enough money to put in an account or an investment fund, so that only the interest of that money could be used to pay salaries for 2000 yogic flyers, and the principle money would never be touched, but a quick calculation showed that even at modest salaries this would require a fund of several billion dollars.

At one point the donor raised an idea. What if rather than paying a salary, we build apartments for 2000 flyers, and let them stay at a reduced rent if they attend group Yogic Flying practice. They just have to join in the morning and evening, and for the rest of the time can just go to their day job. It’s basically a significant extra income for them.

That idea obviously lit me up like a Christmas tree: My two biggest passions, creating groups of Yogic Flyers and construction, now combined in one project.

So, we started formulating a plan. The donor formulated his own plan with traditional construction methods, but I wanted to completely tie it to our own technology, since we could make a far more appealing proposal this way. We can build a lot cheaper than traditional construction methods, while houses would have a 50% lower energy consumption. In addition, we can integrate solar energy in our houses as well, reducing the energy costs almost to zero, and we can work at a far lower profit margin than traditional builders.

We planned that for $110M we could build enough apartments to house 2000 Yogic Flyers (including solar energy for all of them) but realized we wouldn’t even need to raise the entire construction cost, only the 20-25% down payment that banks typically want. The rest we can borrow from the bank. Our financial model then shows that if people only pay a rent as low as $200 per month we’d have sufficient funds to pay back the loan.

And since our construction company has already promised to use part of their profits to sponsor groups of Yogic flyers, we can actually use a 50% of our profits from this construction project, projected to be over $30 million, to repay some of the donors, bringing their own contribution down to as low as $10 Million. (our model actually shows only $7M but we take some reserves).

The other 50% of the profits we could then invest to expand our company on a global basis. Traditionally we were planning to raise investment from institutional investors to do this, but this project alone would give us enough funds to do it ourselves. So instead we’d simply use part of our future profits to repay the donors their $10M donation, and even give them a 150% ROI. This way it’s really the construction company that is actually paying for all the Yogic Flyers, we just need someone to advance it.

That’s the gist of this new project. For those who want to know more, you can read/download the full proposal here.

In summary

We’ve got a unique new way to approach the super wealthy of this world, in a way that actually gets their attention, and then, once they are inspired, a way to also to make them an offer that should be irresistible. If that’s not a practical way to make a permanent group of Yogic Flyers a reality, I don’t know what is.